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Mark Fodor
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Mark Fodor
Jun 2023

As a newcomer to the investment sphere, your selection of the brokerage service can be pivotal. IC Markets, renowned for its robust educational materials, could be an excellent companion to facilitate your learning process.

IC Markets not only provides an array of comprehensive educational tools ideal for beginner investors, but also a demo account enabling you to experience trading without risking actual capital.

  1. IC Markets provides robust educational tools catering to novice investors
  2. A demo account is offered by IC Markets, allowing the experience of the platform with virtual money
  3. It's important to understand markets and practice with demo accounts before real trading

Read on for an in-depth exploration of how IC Markets can help you understand investing and familiarize you with its trading platform. Additionally, if you're also looking for other brokers offering low fees, user-friendly platforms, and excellent educational tools, explore our curated list of online Forex brokers.

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Educational Resources at IC Markets

If you're stepping into the investment world for the first time, it's essential to learn the fundamental concepts about stocks, ETFs, and how financial markets operate to ensure you don't end up losing money. While the internet is flooded with information, your broker could potentially be your best guide, offering dependable and easily digestible educational texts and videos. 

We have reviewed major online Forex brokers to assess the availability and standard of their educational resources. If you're yet to find a broker to satiate your thirst for financial knowledge, delve into what IC Markets has on offer:

IC Markets Education

IC Markets educational materials

Navigating the IC Markets Platform

Understanding which currency pair to trade is just half the battle. The interface of trading platforms may appear daunting initially. Having access to platform tutorials, including videos or infographics detailing basic features like search functions, buy/sell orders, or funding transactions, could be a game-changer.

IC Markets provides comprehensive platform tutorial videos, specifically designed to guide both novice and experienced traders in efficiently navigating their user-friendly trading interface, highlighting key features and demonstrating the process of executing trades effectively.

Demo account at IC Markets

One common concern for novices to investing or any specific broker platform is the risk of an incorrect transaction leading to financial loss. A demo account provides a safe space to practice platform operations or simply familiarize oneself with the trading process using virtual money. Unfortunately, not all brokers offer demo accounts.

IC Markets offers an invaluable demo account feature, which serves as a practical tool for traders of all levels, allowing them to experiment with different trading strategies, understand the platform's functions, and gain confidence in trading operations without risking real capital.

Learning with IC Markets Webinars

Once you've grasped the basics of stock investing, you may be keen to expand your knowledge further. Attending webinars organized by your broker could be an engaging method to enhance your learning. Here, you can receive insights from expert analysts regarding the latest market trends or investment strategies, and even ask questions directly.

IC Markets conducts insightful webinars, an excellent resource for traders seeking to expand their knowledge base, enabling them to learn from industry experts, interact in real-time, and stay updated with the latest market trends. Additionally, their technical analysis tools offer traders a sophisticated means to study price patterns, effectively enhancing their ability to forecast market movements and refine their trading strategies.