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IC Markets MetaTrader 4 support

Mark Fodor
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Mark Fodor
Jul 2023

As an online trader, your search for a reliable and user-friendly platform may lead you to consider MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Known for its seamless, efficient, and high-performing trading operations, MT4 is often seen as an exceptional tool for modern traders. Its advanced features and benefits could transform your trading experience. In this guide, we delve into these aspects, and also explore the potential compatibility of IC Markets with MT4. Will the renowned customer service and advanced features of IC Markets align with the powerhouse that is MetaTrader 4? Read on to find out!

IC Markets offers MetaTrader4 platform

IC Markets, one of the world's leading Forex brokers, has earned a robust reputation for providing the best trading environment. Aimed at bridging the gap between retail and institutional clients, IC Markets offers an unrivalled level of service that goes beyond the traditional brokerage norms.

Unveiling the Symbiosis: IC Markets Metatrader 4 & Forex Trading

IC Markets' partnership with MetaTrader 4, a universally recognized trading platform, ensures the ultimate trading experience. With MT4's easy-to-navigate interface and IC Markets' exceptional execution speeds, traders can respond to market changes promptly and effectively, giving them an edge over the competition.
IC Markets MetaTrader4

IC Markets' MetaTrader4 platform

Exploring the Special Features of IC Markets' MT4 Trading Platform

Cutting-Edge Technology: IC Markets ensures ultra-fast execution speeds and low-latency trading. This ensures that your trades are processed swiftly and efficiently, minimizing slippage and re-quotes.

Advanced Charting Tools: With MetaTrader 4's sophisticated charting capabilities, traders get access to advanced technical analysis tools. This facilitates accurate market predictions and helps traders strategize their trades effectively.

Customizable Trading Interface: The IC Markets MT4 platform allows traders to customize their trading interface to match their trading style and preferences. Traders can choose from various themes, templates, and layouts to create a personalized trading experience.

Automated Trading: IC Markets supports Expert Advisors (EAs) on the MT4 platform. This enables automated trading, allowing traders to implement their strategies even when they're away from their trading screens.

Detailed Review of IC Markets MT4 Trading Platform Features

As a trader in financial markets, your success depends on choosing the right tools. The IC Markets MetaTrader 4 platform delivers an edge to traders, thanks to its high-quality trading conditions. The robust platform provides a multitude of trading instruments and opportunities to facilitate your trading strategies.

IC Markets stands out as one of the leading brokerages due to its offering of raw pricing. By providing traders with tight spreads and fast order execution, it ensures lower costs and potential higher profits. For example, the raw spread on forex pairs allows traders to place their orders at lower spreads, which could result in more cost-effective trades.

The MT4 platform also offers advanced market analysis features, giving you a clear understanding of trading conditions. With indicators that assess trends, patterns, and shifts in the financial markets, traders can make informed decisions and adapt their trading strategies accordingly.

In addition, IC Markets MT4 provides an extensive range of Contract for Difference (CFDs), including indices, commodities, and stocks. With the advantage of leverage, traders can control larger positions with a small initial deposit, thus potentially increasing their profit opportunities.

Navigating your Way to Download IC Markets MT4 Platform

If you're ready to join the numerous successful forex traders utilizing the robust IC Markets MT4 trading platform, you're just a few steps away. The downloading process is a straightforward task that caters to both new and experienced traders.

Start by heading to the official IC Markets website. In the client area, you will see an option to download the MT4 platform. Clicking on this will initiate the download process. A detailed review of each step will be provided, making the process user-friendly and easy to understand. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to install the platform on your device. Remember to deposit into your trading account so you can start trading currency pairs immediately.

For beginners, it's advisable to first explore the demo account before venturing into live trading. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the trading platform, how to place trades, and understand other additional features like candlestick charts. Whether you're an expert trader or just starting your journey in forex trading, the IC Markets MT4 platform offers an unmatched trading experience.


Where can I download the IC Markets MetaTrader 4 platform?
You can download the IC Markets MT4 platform directly from IC Markets’ official website.

What is the installation process for IC Markets MetaTrader 4?
After you download MT4 from the IC Markets official website, you will receive an installation package. Run this package to initiate the installation process, and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

What server should I choose when setting up my IC Markets MetaTrader 4 platform?
The IC Markets MetaTrader 4 platform provides a list of available servers. Please ensure to choose the server according to your trading preferences and location for optimal performance.

Is the IC Markets MetaTrader 4 platform available on multiple devices?
Yes, the IC Markets MT4 platform is available on various devices, including desktop, tablets, and smartphones, allowing traders and investors to monitor and execute their trades on the go.

How does pricing work on the IC Markets MetaTrader 4 platform?
IC Markets provides executable streaming prices from multiple pricing providers. This ensures competitive and fair pricing for all traders and investors.