The essential tool required to improve trading

Eliminate the hassle of navigating through various spreadsheets, platforms, or documents. Access the comprehensive trading journal to enhance your trades, conveniently available at no cost.

iFXhub TradeMonitor

Why Use Trademonitor?

Insightful Trading Analysis

Gain insight and confidence with detailed journaling, leading to informed trading decisions

Efficient Data Handling

Streamline your focus with automated statistical tools, allowing more time for strategic analysis

Accessible Analytical Tools

Our commitment to free access ensures everyone can benefit from our comprehensive analysis system

Dynamic Market Data

Get immediate, live data analysis for a real-time understanding of market conditions

Unified Account Management

Aggregate and manage multiple accounts seamlessly in one convenient platform

Broad Broker Compatibility

Flexibly add and manage accounts across various brokers, integrated smoothly with Metatrader 4

Customizable Data Visualization

Tailor your view of account progress with customizable charts for deeper analytical insights

Direct Market Tracking

Monitor market trends in real time, independently of MT4, for direct observation of trade performance

Detailed Performance Analysis

Utilize our advanced metrics for a comprehensive evaluation of your financial strategies

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